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Lívia Andrade opens up about leaving SBT and reveals details of how the invitation reached TV Globo

Lívia Andrade opens up about leaving SBT and reveals details of how the invitation reached TV Globo

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The presenter is now part of a stable platform for “Acredite em Quem Queser”, the framework of “Domingão com Huck”

Photo: Reproduction / Livia Andrade's official Instagram
Photo: Reproduction / Livia Andrade’s official Instagram

Livia Andrade recently for the first time in “Sunday with Hack”. the new TV Globo contractorHe gained fame after being a part of the SBT team for years. In an interview with the newspaper “the scientist”And the The blonde opened the match about her departure from Silvio Santos Station and provided details of how the invitation reached this new stage in her career..

Despite working for a long time at SBT, Livia believes that there is nothing else to be done: the presenter was part of the Silvio program, and later, she also performed “gossip”, who turned “crush” over time. However, Because of the constant changes in gravity, I preferred to leave the station: “In SBT I had nowhere else to grow […] I was fine at this point, but I wasn’t happy with the changes being made daily. […] I got there and didn’t know what was going to happen. I am a worried person. This made me even more anxious in the midst of this crazy pandemic. It made me feel sick”He honestly said.

“It just didn’t make sense to me. But the answer I gave to Silvio first was, ‘I’m an employee, I get paid for this, it’s my duty, I’ll do my job.'” The second time he asked me, I said I wasn’t happy. He replied, ‘I don’t have to to that.” And I said, “So, I want to stop. Then I stopped.” open, Highlight how grateful she is to the program presenter: “I am so grateful for everything they did for me, for all the opportunities I received, and for the respect. I had a great teacher, Silvio Santos. That’s a privilege”He said.

Livia Andrade at TV Globo

The presenter, who is now part of the fixed bench of “Be true to what you want” picture Sunday with HackDetails of how the invitation to join the station will appear: “I was in the States when Luciano called me. He was very direct and to the point.” open.

Then Livia said she did not think twice before accepting the proposal: “I took part in another project, and I finished it. I admit it didn’t take me long to think, No. I decided to stop my project, because this project, yes, it can wait, but ‘Domingão’, no. Sunday for me is very symbolic.” Thanks to the space on Sunday, I got so many other opportunities. So this audience is very special to me.” Been completed.

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