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A teacher from Canguçu received an award in the 25 Women in Science Americas initiative

A teacher from Canguçu received an award in the 25 Women in Science Americas initiative

For the fourth year, 3M, a technology company operating in sectors such as safety, industrial, transportation, electronics, health and consumer, has promoted the 25 Women in Science Americas Award, which honors projects undertaken in Latin America and Canada. Marcia Misko, researcher and professor at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), was born CangchoShe was one of the women who received the award.

canguçuense spoke with the reporter from Kangusu online He highlighted the importance of the award he received.

“This award honors the work of our research group at UFPEL, which includes the graduate programs in which we work. This award increases visibility, not only for me as a researcher and research group leader, but also for the groups and students involved. This ultimately opens up other pathways and publication “The work we do. It is always very important for us to spread the science we do in the country.”Marcia highlighted.

The researcher stated that she was able to overcome all the challenges imposed along the way.

“It is an acknowledgment of my entire career, from my training and all the people who have contributed to this journey. I have always been a public school student, relied on a scholarship to go to graduate school, worked and studied a good portion of the time, and today the vision of my career is definitely enhanced as well in recognition.” With my work and my family's investment and dedication, I am one of the few women in chemistry who leads a group, and I am overcoming all the challenges in the field and in my career.The teacher said.

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Finally, Marcia reinforced the importance of female presence in science.

“With all these actions taken to recognize female scientists in the country and around the world, we hope that other girls and women can advance in their careers, believing that they have the ability to fulfill the potential. The issue of gender should not dominate our skills and career choices. I hope That we can achieve gender equality, whether in science or in society in general. This is the dream that we all dream of as a society, more just, more equal and more developed in everything.I finish.