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A Republican Senator is running for President of the United States

A Republican Senator is running for President of the United States

Republican Senator Tim Scott wants to run for President of the United States in 2024. His thoughts are contained in a document sent to the US Elections Regulator this Friday, the 19th.

A member of the Republican Party is a senator from the state of South Carolina. Earlier, he was the state’s first black representative US House of Representatives.


If he intends to run for president, Scott must be a former president Donald Trump In competition with the appointment of Republican Party. The US press also mentions Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida, as a candidate for the post.

Tim Scott holds Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus endorsement | Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Senator Tim Scott sharply criticized the Biden administration

President Joe Biden | Photo: Adam Schultz/White House

Tim Scott presents several criticisms of the current US Democratic government Joe Biden. He says Biden’s inflationary policies are hurting job growth in the country.

“Working Americans continue to struggle with high costs, it’s clear that we need to cut spending, balance the budget and control our debt, and President Biden has shown us that we need new leadership to do this,” the senator said on Twitter. .

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