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Man found alive in plane landing gear after 11 hours of travel

The family, who refused to travel without a nanny, skipped the flight to the UK

Last Thursday (10) a family went on a flight from London, Britain to Turin, Italy with armed police as they could not stay in business class with the nanny family of their children. Info from iG.

Attorney Charler Banner, his wife Tetiana Nestorsak, and the couple’s 1 and 4 – year – old children and nanny were expelled from the plane after arguing with British Airways experts.

When the parents of the children wanted to work during the flight, the airline staff did not allow Aya to join economy class during the two-hour flight.

Banner said everyone bought business class tickets, but the company sold more seats and had to transfer the family employee to economy class.

An argument ensued shortly before takeoff, with the pilot refusing to take off until the banner and his family were removed from the plane.

The lawyer told MailOnline, “If the BA had told me that the nanny could not sit with us before, we would not have traveled and then bought a plane. But we were only told when we arrived at the departure gate.

“I did the right thing, but I challenge the cabin crew because it’s the right thing to do. It’s because of the team’s pettiness and vengeance.

The banner said that when a seat next to him in business class was vacant, the staff insisted that the nanny could not use it.

“It was surprisingly very sad and disappointing for all of us, and it would have been for any family in that position.

After leaving the plane, the family stayed at a hotel and booked tickets on another flight to travel the next day. The family spent about R $ 23,000 (4,000) on the inconvenience, and the banner says it would like to receive this compensation in cash from British Airways, not on a voucher provided by the company.

A BA spokesman said the company does not tolerate “disruptive behavior” and that “the safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.”

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