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A “potentially dangerous” asteroid will pass near Earth

A “potentially dangerous” asteroid will pass near Earth

An asteroid classified by NASA as “potentially dangerous” will pass 2.8 million kilometers from Earth on Friday (2). This is the space rock known as 2008 OS7, which is about 271 meters in diameter.

For comparison, this is roughly the size of the old Maracanã stadium, which had an outside diameter of about 300 metres.

When will the asteroid pass Earth?

The space rock will pass near Earth on Friday morning, February 2. More precisely at 11:41 AM (Brasilia time). According to NASA, despite the danger rating, there is no risk that the asteroid will be on a collision course with Earth.

It is worth highlighting this NASA classifies Any asteroid within 7.5 million kilometers of Earth's orbit with a diameter of more than 140 meters is considered a “potential hazard” (2008 OS7 is approximately twice its size).

So far, 2,350 of them have achieved this classification. The next one, 99942 Apophis, will pass Earth on April 14, 2029.

The information is from Virtual telescope.

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An asteroid the size of 5 cars also passed Earth in 2024

A space rock the size of five cars also passed near Earth at the end of January this year. The asteroid, called 2024 BJ, is about 25 meters in diameter, which is small by space standards, and it does not pose any danger to planet Earth.

2024 BJ was discovered on January 17, 2024 and announced the next day by International Astronomical Union. Its closest approach to Earth and the Moon took place on January 27 (Saturday).