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A new obfuscation in science?  Bolsonaro's government announces a change to the Latis platform

A new obfuscation in science? Bolsonaro’s government announces a change to the Latis platform

I wrote in Technique he is

The Bolsonaro government, through the Ministry of Science and Technology, has issued a statement informing about this Starting Monday (16) access to the Directory of Research Group (DGP), Lattis Curriculum and Carlos Chagas Integrated Platform (PICC) will change.

According to the government, “A new alternative to login will only be created for these users. There will be no internal changes to their systems or databases, which are currently replicated and have multiple backups on different storage devices. A new interface for CNPq will also be implemented with the aim of logging in Increase security in accessing systems.

The statement also states that “the credentials will be the tables already used in the Lattis curriculum.”

Faced with such a change and fearing a data blackout similar to what happened last year, researchers issued alerts and suggested that everyone using these platforms download their Lattes resume.

researcher Deborah Denise She used her social networks to alert the scientific community as well as to suggest downloading her data referring to academic work.

“Don’t trust this government when it touches something so basic to the memory of the academic community. Copy your resume today. There’s a tool to save it with words. Do it. I repeat: Don’t just copy the PDF” Nothing happens. It could just be speculation. But do you remember the last time we went for weeks without getting to her?” Denise wrote.

How do you store your academic data?

From the alert, some network researchers have shared how to download Lattes’ syllabus by Word, reproduced below:

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1 – access to your account in “Resume Update”; 2 – Click, in the left corner, at the bottom of the screen, on “EXPORT CURRICULUM”; 3 – When a second screen opens, click “Export File to (RTF)”, click Confirm; 4 – On the next screen, tap on Select All, in the top corner of your screen, tap on Confirm. Ready, after downloading the file, open it with the word (just select the file with the right mouse button and choose the program you want to open, select the word).