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Unimed Araçatuba opens its sales center in Pompeo

Unimed Araçatuba opens its sales center in Pompeo

Unimed Araçatuba (SP) has opened a new service location on Avenida Joaquim Pompeu de Toledo, with the aim of strengthening business relations and offering a more welcoming service to those interested in purchasing the health plan. The building is located on the corner of Rua Epitácio Pessoa, on the stretch between Duque de Caxias and Avenida Brasília.

The new sales center will also act as a service to be called
“fast service”,
Facilitating access in solving the small daily demands of those who already benefit. The opening ceremony was attended, on Tuesday evening (6), by Mayor Delador Borges (PSDB) and the head of the subsidiary headquarters of the Brazilian Bar Association OAB in Aratoba, Lucila Rurico Cuja Gomez dos Santos.

During a speech, the President of Unimed Araçatuba, Fabricio Tino Castelo Braga, explained that the focus of the new service will be the sales center.
“Our sales department was very shy in terms of architecture and service location, so we decided to set up a sales center and serve small orders. The idea is to boost our business,”
looking at.


According to Braga, the epidemic demonstrated the importance Unimed attaches to the city and the region, as it has become a reference, including for the Public Health Service, for municipal health management.

Therefore, according to him, the cooperative wants to give back to the city in the same proportion. According to Braga, Unimed Hospital in Araçatuba is the largest in the region, has a very high-quality medical staff and has managed to solve more than 98% of all treated cases.

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“There is nothing fairer than the strength of our business, our clinical staff, and our hospital, and that we also have a convenient place to serve our beneficiaries and enhance our business”
he argued.


He also talked about the economic impact of the cooperative in the city. As reported, Unimed Araçatuba is currently the largest generator of ISS (service tax) in the municipality and is among the three largest job generators in the municipality, with more than 1,200 direct employees.

In addition, there are 365 physician collaborators and the jobs these co-op members provide are in private clinics.
“We are going through a difficult phase as a sector, we are part of the sector, but we cannot fail to do so,”


Also taking the floor was the Managing Technical Director of Unimed Hospital in Araçatuba and the former President of Unimed, Flávio Roberto Garbelini de Oliveira, where this sales center installation project has been planned for several years. He commented that there has always been a desire to have a place that provides better conditions for beneficiaries to purchase the health plan.

For him, by making this investment at this time, after difficult years for the health sector, due to the pandemic, Unimed Araçatuba stands out as one of the largest in the entire region.
“With all the difficulties, the entrepreneurship of the board of directors makes us very happy,”


He also mentioned that Unimed has acquired a new and modern CT scanner, which will also conduct checks for heart diseases. The equipment has already passed the testing phase and should be available to beneficiaries by the end of this month.

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With the opening of the new sales center, the cooperative will own six service stations in the area, four in Araçatuba, one in Valparaíso and one in Guararapes, which are cities covered by the operator.

The sales center will operate during business hours, with a password system through a totem, without the need to make an appointment. It will have a team to serve on demand.