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A new design for the iPhone 14 camera falls on the net and surprises

A new design for the iPhone 14 camera falls on the net and surprises

Video from the portal Mac rumors The supposed design of the new generation of Apple mobile phones brings: iPhone 14. The fictional models are built based on the latest guesses about the next configurations that will come to Apple devices.

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It is possible to notice in the newly released images that the new era Apple mobile phones It will come in four versions: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The models are scheduled to be released in September.

What will change?

According to preliminary information, the content addresses the already expected absence of slit In the line of iPhone 2022, which now has a front camera with notches in the form of a pill and a hole in the Pro versions. In practice, this will allow a greater optimization of free space on the screen. Which should not happen with the standard models, where the conventional grade will continue to be used.

Despite many innovations, specific information has not yet been released regarding the type of materials that will be used to make the pieces, weight, colors and more. On the other hand, rumors indicate that few changes will be made in these aspects compared to the current generation.

New back camera for iPhone

In addition to the front, another area that stands out in the video about the new generation of iPhones has to do with the rear camera, which is likely to acquire thicker bezels, especially in the Pro versions of the iPhone 14.

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It also tends to get a 48MP sensor, along with two other 12MP lenses each. Check out the following video that shows these and many other details about the new iPhone 14: