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The previously mentioned Mortal Kombat 3 appeared only years later

The previously mentioned Mortal Kombat 3 appeared only years later

Delay Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 It commemorated fans of the franchise, without a doubt. Released in 1995, the version had few playable characters compared to the base title, such as ScorpioAnd the rain and noob saibot.

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Noob Saibot, specifically, stood out for being insanely powerful. Eliminate the famous “shadow” cast by the character on any enemy – and his combos are very easy.

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More important than some very useful special moves, however, is the fact that the ending of Noob Saibot mentioned a very important character to the Mortal Kombat universe: Shinnok.

“Initially, the passive observer Noob Saibot will soon be asked to stand by the terrible Emperor Shao Kahn. The Saibot leaders in NetherRealm wanted him to join the Battle of Kahn to gain the Emperor’s trust and enter the Earth realm,” appears in the text that appears after the player completes the Noob Saibot story.

“When Khan leaves his guard, Noob Saibot is asked to attack. With the Earth Kingdom and Outworld Emperor defeated, the fallen eldest deity known as Shinnok can take the two kingdoms and gain the power he needs to answer the Great Gods from his banishment to the underworld,” the text concludes.

So yes: Shinnok is already mentioned in Mortal Kombat 3, even if he will only appear in the controversial Mortal Kombat Legends: Sub-Zero. Not only that, Shinnok also made history in Mortal Kombat by being the first playable boss in the series in the game where he was the last enemy.

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