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Helicóptero da Nasa Ingenuity fez seu quinto voo com sucesso em Marte

A NASA helicopter is successfully flying to a new destination on Mars

NASA’s creative helicopter successfully launched its fifth flight on the surface of Mars, and landed at a new airport
Photo: NASA – May 7-21 / JPL -Caltech

After four historic trips, he was A helicopter from NASA ingenuity He successfully flew to a new destination on Mars. The 1.8 kg equipment made a one-way flight to its new airport on Friday (7).

As with previous flights, Ingenuity took off from Wright Brothers Field, but this time it never got back there. The ship rose 5 meters in the air and moved 129 meters south – only to return on its fourth voyage while searching for the next location.

The helicopter also reached a new record of 10 meters for taking black and white color photos of this new aviation field. After recording a 108-second flight, Ingenuity lands in its new home.

“Fifth trip to Mars helicopter “It is another great achievement for the agency,” said Bob Pearce, director of NASA’s Directorate of Flight Research missions.

“Continuous innovation success demonstrates the value of combining the strengths of diverse skill sets across the agency to create the future, like flying a plane on another planet!”

The flight started at 4:33 pm (GMT) and the data was sent back to the control room as the mission is managed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, around 8:31 pm (GMT) from Brasilia).

“We bid farewell to the first home on Mars, the Wright Brothers Field, with thanks for supporting the historic first flights of a planetary helicopter,” said Bob Ballaram, chief engineer of Ingenuity Mars Helicopter at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

“No matter where we go from here, we will always carry with us a reminder of how much the two Dayton bicycle manufacturers gave us as we searched for our first trip into another world.”

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The persevering rover, which took videos and photos of the helicopters, They also shared the audio collected from Ingenuity’s fourth flight using their microphones.

This is the first time that a spacecraft on another planet has recorded the sounds of other equipment. Perseverance managed to catch a sneaky helicopter sound while parked 80 meters away.

During its aerial tours, Ingenuity demonstrated that robotic and controlled flight is possible on another planet. The helicopter on Mars overcame all challenges to fly faster, longer and farther than the previous flight.

“The Wrights did that too,” wrote Josh Ravitch, head of mechanical engineering at Ingenuity Mars Helicopter at JPL. In an update of the helicopter. “They haven’t yet given up a successful flight with Flyer 1, or even the other three trips they made on that historic day in December 1903.”

The Wright brothers flew higher and farther using updated versions of the Flyer in 1904 and 1905 and took their first passenger in 1908.

“Over the course of three weeks and four trips, the creative team moved from the Wright Brothers in 1903 to the Wright Brothers in 1908, but in weeks rather than years,” Ravitch writes.

Dexterity works well on the surface of Mars, and its power system provides enough to keep the helicopter hot during the icy Martian nights and flight during the day.

“Our helicopter is more powerful than we expected,” Ravitch wrote.

Creativity not only makes history, it brings with it a little bit of history. A postage-sized cloth covering one of the wings of the Flyer 1 by the Wright Brothers is attached to a cable under the helicopter’s solar panel. Ravitch, test engineer and co-teammate Chris Leffler linked the material to creativity while building it on the ground.

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“The Wrights showed what could be achieved with a combination of teamwork, creativity and persistence – and a little dexterity and perseverance,” Ravitch wrote, referring to the names of two pieces of equipment in English (ingenuity and perseverance).

“On the day of the flight, when I look around the room and online at our team, I see a lot of the same kind of vision and perseverance / spirit that made the Wright brothers who they were. Together, we continue our Wright brothers on Mars.”

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