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Understand Ryan Murphy’s success on Netflix and check out tips for watching

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The latest production, “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” premiered last Thursday (13), on Netflix

Maybe you don’t associate the name with the business, but if you usually explore the catalog of major platforms for flow In the country, like Netflix, I definitely came across one signed by Ryan Murphy.

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The American writer, journalist, producer and director seems to have discovered the “formula of success”. This month, “Dahmer: American Cannibal” became the second most-watched series on Netflix less than a month after its release.

Last week, another successful business entered the platform’s catalog: “Welcome to the Neighborhood.” The production, which was praised by critics, is included in the list of the most-watched series today.

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“Glee”, “American Horror Story”, “Bose” and “The Politician” are other works that were successful and featured in Murphy’s comprehensive curriculum. Whether he’s on TV or broadcast, he knows how to captivate the viewer. No wonder, Murphy has already won five Golden Globes and seven Emmy Awards.

But, after all, what explains this success? This question, perhaps, even the creator of so many products that fell into the taste of the public does not know how to answer. As much as directors, producers, and artists dedicate their best to bringing good work to the viewer, it is not always possible to attract them. Sometimes it’s luck.

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But Murphy doesn’t just rely on chance. His works seek to deal with the characters deeply, not forgetting that humanity cannot be excluded from the construction of the character. The audience basically recognizes themselves in what they are watching. Knowing how to write a good plot, coordinating productions, and choosing a good cast helps in the process.

Another feature that stands out in America is dealing with issues relevant to contemporary society. It makes room for minorities and seeks, whenever possible, elements that enhance the identity of the public. And that, dear readers, Murphy does a very good job.

Five Ryan Murphy series to watch

Dahmer: American cannibals

The series deals with the horrific crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer and the systemic problems that have allowed one of America’s greatest serial killers to continue operating with impunity for more than a decade.

Welcome to the neighborhood

The Brannock family’s dream of living in a perfect home turns into a nightmare. The spooky messages are just the beginning of everything that comes after the neighborhood’s sinister secrets are revealed. The work is based on a true story.

american horror story

The series revolves around the Harmon family. They move to Los Angeles to solve previous problems. However, the house they choose to live in is haunted by demonic creatures.

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Optimistically, Professor Will Schuester attempts to inspire a group of students to reform the choir of former and successful McKinley High School. The task would be easier if it were not for the current members of the group: an unpopular soprano, a girl who is training to be a singer and refusing to lip sync, an eccentric guitarist and an eccentric goth.

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