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A man swims for nearly 30 hours to survive the tsunami in Tonga |  Globalism

A man swims for nearly 30 hours to survive the tsunami in Tonga | Globalism

citizen TongaLisala Fulau, 57, took home the real-life Aquaman title after spending 27 hours swimming to escape a tsunami on Saturday after an undersea volcano erupted.

He was working on renovating his home at the time of the disaster, and he said in an interview with Broadcom Broadcasting that he didn’t have time to take shelter.

Fulau said he finds it difficult to get around, which is why he spends most of his time floating. But he joined forces to swim 7.5 kilometers to the main island.

Lisala Fulao, a 57-year-old Tonga native, swam for 27 hours to survive the tsunami.

“I just floated up,” said Tonga, “carrying me by the rough waves that kept coming in.”

In an interview with Reuters news agency, real-life Aquaman stated that the waves pushed him away, but he managed to hold onto a record.

“That’s what kept me going,” Fulau said.

Fulau lived on a secluded island in the archipelago, with a population of about 60. He said that before he fell into the sea he climbed up a tree but the force of the waves carried him away.

“I heard my son calling me, but I didn’t answer for fear that he would try to go to sea to save me,” Tonga recalls.

The eruption of the submarine volcano that caused a tsunami across the entire Pacific region and left at least three deaths in Tongaaccording to the official balance sheet.

as The first pictures taken on Earth in the archipelago Tonga It shows a scene of destruction and roads covered in ash and rubble. Watch the video below.

Pictures show the devastation in Tonga after the volcanic eruption and tsunami

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