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A man is found dead in the plane's bathroom and the passenger accuses the crew of disdain

A man is found dead in the plane's bathroom and the passenger accuses the crew of disdain

Illustrative image – Source: Public Domain / CC0 1.0

According to English media reports, a passenger died on board an Airbus A321neo aircraft operated by the airline Jet2, resulting in the need to divert the flight.

The man was found dead inside one of the plane's bathrooms last Tuesday, January 2, after another passenger noticed that the door had been closed for a long time and informed the crew.

Flight LS-918, which took off from the Spanish island of Tenerife and was scheduled to land in Manchester, England, was diverted to land in Cork, Ireland, about 3 hours after take-off.

One passenger reported that everyone on board was “extremely upset” by the devastating incident and accused the crew of being “disrespectful”. In an interview with MirrorShe said: “My husband reported that someone had been in the bathroom for a long time and thought they were dead. He informed the crew who ignored him. Tragically, he was right. Bathrooms should be checked more regularly when such an event occurs. If they had been, perhaps the poor man could have been saved.” I heard he was traveling alone.

An airline spokesman said To The Independent: “Flight LS918 from Tenerife to Manchester was diverted to Cork Airport on Tuesday 2nd January due to a customer requiring medical attention. Sadly, we can confirm that the customer has sadly passed away, despite the best efforts of our highly trained team who intervened as soon as Teach him. This has been a very difficult situation for our crew, and we would like to thank them for their efforts. Our thoughts are with the client's family and friends at this very difficult time.

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