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A man burned by a fire in Spain was taken to hospital in serious condition |  Globalism

A man burned by a fire in Spain was taken to hospital in serious condition | Globalism

The man who escaped from a fire in Tabbara, SpainHis clothes caught fire after trying to dig a trench to protect his city, a family friend said on Tuesday (19), in serious condition at the hospital, but was able to communicate with his wife.

Angel Martin Arjuna, 50, was operating an excavator when the wind changed the direction of the flames and swallowed the car he was in and he had to flee on foot. (see video above)

Local emergency services said Arjuna suffered severe burns and received first aid at the scene before being taken to a specialized burn care unit in the nearby town.

Family friend Jose Manuel Taba told Reuters news agency that he was in serious condition but contacted his wife in the early hours of the morning.

“He is in a very serious condition, but he is conscious. He spoke to or referred to his wife,” Taba told Reuters. “It’s a very complicated situation.”

Angel Martin Arjona was driving an excavator when the car caught fire.

The fire, which began in Lusacio, has caused two deaths, three critical injuries and the evacuation of more than 6,000 people from their homes, according to authorities. The flames around Tabbara were brought under control, but others continued to burn nearby, including around a wind farm.

Rafael Reyes, an official with Madrid’s regional fire service, urged anyone who saw smoke to contact emergency services immediately.

He said civilians should not come close to active fire and that even firefighters were forced to wait for the right moment to act. But he said civilians could try to put out the fires, which are still in their early stages.

“If it’s a small fire that can be controlled, we should try to put it out with dirt, sand, water or cut some green branches and try to put it out by reaching the base of the fire,” he told a local TV station. Antena 3.

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