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7-year-old takes inspiration from The Good Doctor to save his classmate

7-year-old takes inspiration from The Good Doctor to save his classmate

The series “The good doctor” Help a New York boy save his classmate’s life. David Diaz Jr., 7, received the New York State Senate Commendation Award after helping another boy with a technique he learned from Sean Murphy (Freddie Highmore).

According to People magazine, David noticed that his classmate choked while eating pizza in the cafeteria at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, both of whom study in Binghamton.

Since there were no teachers nearby, David decided to go himself to save his companion and performed the Heimlich maneuver to get him out of the situation. The technique is to apply abdominal pressure to the choking patient and release it, causing the blockage.

The student said he learned about Heimlich’s maneuver while watching an episode of “The Good Doctor” with his father, also named David Diaz. “If someone is suffocating or in danger, always come to the rescue,” he told Fox News. “And if not, something very sad could happen.”

The starring of the boy David received wide coverage in the local media. On June 13, Binghamton School District Principal Tonya Thompson and New York State Senator Fred Akshar came to the classroom where David taught to praise him for heroism.

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