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A film debate in Santos shows that science is also for women

To prove that the paths of science are for all women, the Orquidário de Santos promotes, on the 11th, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., a cinematic debate entitled “Women in Science”, which will be preceded by the screening of the documentary “Bertha Lutz (1894 – 1976)”.

The meeting, aimed at college students and the general public, is part of the Women’s Month programme, which is being promoted by the city council. Interested parties should register via the Orchidary bio link on Instagramuea_orquidario. There are 50 vacancies.

Mediation will be left to the park’s environmental education interns, Luanna Costa and Moni Justi. All participants will receive a certificate.


The documentary “Bertha Lutz (1894 – 1976)” is a biography of Brazilian activist Bertha María Julia Lutz, who was born in São Paulo on August 2, 1894. She was directly responsible for the political expression that led to the laws that gave women suffrage and political rights equality in the 1920s and 1930s. Biologist, politician and one of the most important figures in the feminist movement and education in Brazil in the twentieth century, she fought to ensure that gender issues were taken into account in the founding of the Federation’s institutions. Nations (United Nations). In the field of science, Bertha Lutz stood out in the field of zoology, describing and cataloging the species of anuran amphibians and publishing important studies on this group of animals.

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