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The state government and the Ministry of Science sign a data exchange agreement

The state government and the Ministry of Science sign a data exchange agreement

The federal and state governments on Friday signed a technical cooperation agreement to exchange information, especially in mapping areas directly affected by floods and landslides in May. The event was attended by Governor Eduardo Leite, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luciana Santos, and Minister of the Extraordinary Secretariat in Support of the Reconstruction of Rio Grande do Sul.

For portfolios, it is necessary to expand diagnosis based on data analysis and use the information to build knowledge. “Data sharing is essential for us to have effective public policy. Part of the payments made by Auxílios Recontrução, from the federal government, and Volta Por Cima, from the state government, uses georeferencing and satellite imagery, providing us with a highly accurate location conditions.” He pointed out that science and technology allow us to take quick steps using public resources.

Minister Luciana noted that Republika Srpska has a strong innovation system, presented some of the initiatives taken by the administration to assist the country, and also stressed the need for reference information to guide the public policies to be taken, especially regarding the flood zone and flood zone. Reconstruction aid. “This technical agreement is a big step forward for those who want to meet the needs of our population. We are taking a step forward in the concept of having science and technology to care for people and provide solutions to complex challenges,” the Minister added.

Pimenta also strengthened the integration of the work of the Special Reconstruction Secretariat with the state government. He concluded by saying: “At this moment we have achieved an extraordinary process, a combination of convergences with city councils, with civil society, to obtain the necessary strength so that Rio Grande Sul can respond to this challenge that we face.”

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Signing a technical cooperation agreement to exchange information