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A fan that modifies the Galaxy S10+ and adds a 14,000 mAh battery

Many consumers are unhappy with the battery life of their smartphones after a few years of use, but one of those people on the forum reddit I decided to take drastic measures on this issue.

Tell user T-VIRUS691 in a thread how he made a change to his file Galaxy S10 +, from Samsung, adding more energy storage capacity in a completely homemade way.

The model now has a capacity of 14,000 mAh – 10,000 mAh from an additional cell that was soldered to the back of the device, along with the original battery.

The model with the new component installed.Source: Reddit / T-VIRUS691

According to reports, the T-VIRUS691 made a 3D-printed cover to keep the battery more protective and not affect the cameras too much – although the ultra-wide lens is hampered by the engraving.

Problems and risks

The user also says that the extra weight does not interfere and that the power consumption is now optimal, after the tedious task of soldering the additional power supply without precision tools. The next task that the device includes is repositioning the NFC components and wireless charging.

The cover is 3D designed to house the new battery.The cover is 3D designed to house the new battery.Source: Reddit / T-VIRUS691

In the matter, the person in charge received some criticism of the experiment, which can be dangerous from a safety point of view – in addition to the risks of accidents and homemade and unauthorized modifications by Samsung They can cause the device to overheat, be completely unusable and cause problems when entering airports, for example.