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iOS 15 feature will filter unwanted SMS - MacMagazine.com.br

iOS 15 feature will filter unwanted SMS – MacMagazine.com.br

If you’re lost and don’t know what’s new, today Apple announced a iOS 15 With FaceTime on the web, maps in AR, notification summary, and more. a The first beta version of the system has been released And users already know some details that the company didn’t mention during تذكر WWDC21.

One of these new features relates to message filtering. on page preview for the new system The company mentions a new ‘intelligence’ that will organize SMS messages automatically1 It was received in three volumes: ‘Promotional’, ‘Transactions’ and ‘Trash’. By reference, the resource will only be available in Brazil.

SMS Filter for Brazil
a [app] Messaging features On-device intelligence filters out unwanted SMS messages and organizes them into promotional, transactional, and junk folders so your inbox is clutter-free.

Messages OTPs (Single-use passwords) used to log into services and social networks, for example, will be in the section “Transacionals” (“Transactions”) within the Messaging Application.

However, this is not a new feature. In fact, it was carried out last year in India with arrival iOS 14.

Remember that in iOS 11, Apple announced the option to filter SMS within the app. However, it was a very basic feature, and for more effective filtering, it was necessary to appeal to third-party applications, Like SpamHound.

In iOS 15, Brazilian iPhone owners will be able to filter spam and unwanted messages more effectively. As mentioned earlier, Apple will expand on this new information and offer more filtering options – previously, message filtering was limited to only unknown senders.