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A famous Arab fund heads to Brazil and plans to invest billions of dollars – Money Times

A famous Arab fund heads to Brazil and plans to invest billions of dollars – Money Times

Investment in Brazil can reach US$1 billion annually. (Image: Mubadala Disclosure)

a Mubadala Capital, The asset management company of Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund sees good prospects for Brazil and plans to invest more than US$1 billion annually in the country.

The Fund estimates that Brazil is the most attractive investment in South America, largely due to the greater stability enjoyed by the president’s government Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva It is clear.

“Hey gross domestic product “Growth is growing more than expected, and we have seen political stability since the new administration took power,” said Oskar Wallgren, the organization’s president. investment In Brazil, in an interview with Bloomberg. “The climate in the international community has become more favorable to Brazil.”

Mubadala wants to expand its involvement in oil refineries, public concessions and Brazilian companies. Currently, the company already has in its portfolio the ethanol production company Atvos and a road concession in the state of São Paulo.

Furthermore, it also owns Acelen, a company created to operate the Mataripe refinery, from which it was purchased Petrobras.

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What are Mubadala’s financial investment plans?

The company’s president also highlights the entry of the United Arab Emirates into it BRICS Starting next year, it could bring the two countries closer together, providing greater opportunities for Brazil.

There are still many billions to be invested About 20 billion US dollars The company’s plans include investments in selling by piecesEspecially companies facing difficulties, developing a new stock exchange to compete with them B3or even the soccer league in Brazil.