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A diver discovers an underwater treasure containing thousands of Roman coins

A diver discovers an underwater treasure containing thousands of Roman coins

On a quiet dive in the clear waters of Arzacina, on the north coast of eastern Sardinia, one diver had an experience worthy of an adventure movie. A historic treasure trove of between 30,000 and 50,000 coins from the Roman Empire has emerged from the depths of the Mediterranean, revealing a fascinating chapter of history.

The discovery occurred during a seemingly ordinary diving operation, when a diver noticed metal remains at a shallow depth, not far from the coast of Sardinia. The coins, made of bronze and covered with a thin layer of silver, date back to the first half of the fourth century AD, making them one of the most important finds in the region.

The scale of the discovery in Sardinia is highlighted when compared to similar discoveries. In 2013, in the United Kingdom, 22,800 coins were found in Seaton, on the south coast of England. The newly discovered treasure in Sardinia surpasses it in quantity and historical importance.

After notifying the diver, the Underwater Archeology Nucleus of the Supervisory Authority for Monuments, Fine Arts and Landscapes of Sassari and Nauru (ABAP), in cooperation with the Carabinieri Nucleus for the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Carabinieri Underwater Nucleus of Sardinia, began research in the marine field. The operation also included the participation of other local authorities, highlighting the importance of the discovery.

The discovery of coins in Sardinia is not only a treasure in monetary terms, but also a rich source of knowledge about the past. Coin analysis can reveal details about the economy, culture, and history of the Roman Empire, contributing greatly to understanding the development of society.

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The sunken treasure of Sardinia is a testament to the richness and complexity of the history that lies beneath the waters of the Mediterranean. This discovery, which stands out among the greatest archaeological discoveries in the region, shows that history continues, to this day, to amaze and dazzle, waiting to be revealed by those who venture into the depths of time and the sea.