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Delightful family cooking photo wins an international award for food photography |  See how nice it is

Delightful family cooking photo wins an international award for food photography | See how nice it is

A photo of a young family happily preparing a meal at home in China has won a major prize for photography.

Li Huifeng won the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021 (Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2021) for a photo titled Taste, taken in Licheng, Shanxi Province.

“This image is technically excellent for both light and texture use,” said award founder and director Caroline Kenyon.

“But what raises her to the level of historical significance is the depth and passion of her narrative. She talks about a year of isolation and life at home, and she talks about life in small communities of close relatives.”

“Here, the scene is drenched in love, with echoes of Madonna and Child (a title that usually refers to the visual representation of the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus in splendid historical paintings). An exceptional image that perfectly demonstrates that photography does not need shock or disturbance to be wonderful or memorable. The splendor remains in the mind. ”

As the competition entered its tenth year, judges analyzed more than 10,000 entries from more than 70 countries around the world. The winners were announced online through a live event.

Here are some of the winners in the competition’s categories, with descriptions provided by the photographers themselves.

Harvest category: “Okra Dryness”, by F. Delek Uyar, Turkey

Wedding Food Photographer Class: “Don’t Launch Rockets Before a Party,” by John Armstrong Millar, France

“Weddings usually go as planned – but it’s so fun to capture moments when things go a little off the map.” Photo: JOHN ARMSTRONG-MILLAR

Food Design Award: Winteropulenz, from Martin Grünewald, Germany

“Winter opulence – a luxurious life of winter fruits and vegetables.” PHOTO: MARTIN GRÜNEWALD / FRANK WEINERT

Innovation Award: Rice noodles made from Abdulmomen, Bangladesh

“A worker checks whether the rice noodles have dried properly or not.” Photo: Abdel Momen

Label “One apple a day”, by Natalia Bogobovic, Poland

“Apples baked in cross section.” Photo: Natalia Bogobuickz

The category “Street Food”: “Enjoying”, by Veet Van Tran, Vietnam

“Four girls were passionately eating sweet soup, which made me feel that life is beautiful, even though we are all living in a pandemic.” PHOTO: VIET VAN TRAN

Food Image Category: “Hot Wine Pears”, Posted by Harriet Harcourt, Australia

Food Photography Student of the Year Category: “Beetroot in Still Life”, by Sarah Blandford, UK

Homemade beets in a copper skillet, ready to cook. Photo: Sarah Blandford

Food Influencer Category: “Autumn Light” by Deborah Troquia, Italy

“Queen of the month [rainha do mês]. Photo: DEBORAH TROCCHIA

Food category for sale: “Peddler”, by Joseph B Smith, Malta

“A woman sells capers and other delicacies from her old cart on the streets of Marsaxlokk, a fishing village in Malta.” Photo: Joseph P. Smit

Labeling World Food Program: “Drinking from the Garbage”, by Mahabob Hussain Khan, Bangladesh

“A child drinks from a bottle.” Photo: Dr. Mahboob Hussain Khan

Photos provided by Pink Lady Food Photographer for 2021.