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A 10-year-old girl helps her mother give birth to her younger sister at home

A 10-year-old girl helps her mother give birth to her younger sister at home

A 10-year-old girl named Miracle (Miracle, in English) successfully became a “first-time midwife” in Missouri (USA) by helping her mother deliver her little sister, who was scheduled to be born three weeks early.

The Jennings County Fire Department praised the “local hero” on their Facebook page for dialing 911 to help with the delivery, describing his story of bravery as “awesome, amazing and heartwarming.”

With the help of Agent Scott Strongoner, who works the emergency phone line, Miracle helps her mother, Viola Fair, 30, get her new baby sister, Jayla, to safety.

🇧🇷Miracle “He followed all instructions given to him over the phone, and when his mother was uncooperative, he learned to play his own ‘mommy voice,'” the fire department wrote in a post.

“Hi, I think my mom is in labor,” the fourth-grader tells the agent Stronger11 minutes of audio from the emergency, obtained by a local television network KSTK news. In the recording, you can ask Miracle Carefully following the instructions, he repeated to his mother. Don’t sit on the toilet,” she orders at one point. “Mom, they told you to lie on your back in the center of the bed or on the floor,” he says in another.

When Strongener told Miracle that he was going to help his mother give birth, she was startled and then began to follow orders very carefully. “It’s okay, Mommy, it’s okay!” She would reassure her mother.

When Jayla came into the world, “there was that miracle, with a towel to dry the baby’s face, encourage her to cry and keep her warm until the paramedics arrived,” the fire department said of the successful delivery. And the baby went straight to the hospital “safe and sound.”

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Christian Hospital Emergency Medical Services also celebrated Miracle’s heroic act on their Facebook page.

For the girl’s courage and ability to follow careful instructions, the Jennings Fire Department surprised Miracle with a “Certificate of Excellence” and a tablet with a stork pin (the one emergency responders receive to help deliver a baby). She can write her story as a midwife with educational games and a diary.