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7 Secrets to Ease the Pockets of Seniors on Health Plans

7 Secrets to Ease the Pockets of Seniors on Health Plans

Health plans without modification and with debt protection for seniors

We never know when we will need tests or medical or hospital care, which is why it is so important to have a good health plan. In Brazil, the elderly represent about 15% of the total number of people who enjoy this privilege, and they can rely on the benefit without modification or protection from debts.

According to the “Estado de Minas” portal, in the last decade, the number of users of health plans aged 60 or over has exceeded the 7 million mark, according to a survey conducted by the Institute for Complementary Health Studies (IESS), with data from the sector regulatory agency (ANS).

Seniors pay bills – Image: Reproduction

Therefore, legislation guarantees older persons specific protection rights to ensure access to adequate and quality health care. As a result, the Elder Law stipulates that health plans cannot increase monthly charges for beneficiaries who are 59 or older. And Businesses providing services cannot refuse service to a senior, even if they are due for agreement payment, within 60 days.

What are the seven secrets of older people?

Below, check out 7 secrets of senior rights that will bring big relief to your wallet when you sign up for a health plan:

1). Hire an individual health plan

Private companies cannot deny seniors access to their products, and this is considered an abusive practice. The Consumer Protection Law prohibits the agreement from refusing to provide assistance to anyone who wishes to purchase it.

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two). Receive monthly plan fees without adjustment when you turn 59

The Elder Law prohibits health service providers from readjusting values ​​based on the age group of clients up to 59 years of age. There will only be an annual adjustment rate, which has a maximum percentage set by ANS for individual contracts.

3). Ability to obtain hospital facilities

It is a legal right for seniors over the age of 60 to be able to count on the presence of a companion if they are in hospital or under observation.

The elderly have the right to have a companion (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)
The elderly have the right to have a companion (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

4). Capitalize on needs that are already met

When leaving a job, seniors have the right to change plans, taking advantage of the shortcomings already encountered, as long as they respect the portability rules.

5). Keep the plan in retirement

Retirees who have paid part of a company health plan for more than 10 years are entitled to maintain the terms of health coverage they had while they worked. However, in this way, the retiree will have to pay the full value of the plan.

6). Take ownership of the group health plan through membership

Seniors who lose their dependent status, due to exclusion at the request of the plan holder after more than 10 years of contributions, are entitled to take ownership of the group health plan through membership, as long as they pay the cost.

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7). Get coverage during default for up to 60 days

However, if the contract ends at the initiative of the plan without a legitimate or apparent reason, this is considered an illegal practice. Therefore, termination is only permitted in cases of fraud or non-payment of the monthly fee by the contracting party, for a period exceeding 60 days, whether consecutive or not, in the last 12 months of the contract.

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