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6 tips to not let your cell phone dominate you!

6 tips to not let your cell phone dominate you!

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In the beginning, technology has transformed our lives, facilitating routines, serving as a refuge during daily stress and helping us in everyday tasks that require research, organization, and practicality.

But unfortunately, sometimes we don’t use it to our advantage. That’s why today we’re listing tips for How to use a cell phone properlywithout harming your health in the long run.

Now check out some great tips that will help you use your cell phone cautiously, but at the same time productively.

How to use your cell phone in a healthy way

Select the period of use

Know when to use your cell phone, even if you’re doing activities that require screen time. This can help improve your relationship with the use of these devices.

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Use other alternative resources

When we think of hobbies, watching a movie or playing a game automatically comes to mind. Although mobile phones have the technology to perform these tasks, we can replace them with the help of a smart TV or computer.

Use your cell phone as a tool

The phone can be our ally in all aspects, as it can ensure easy access and convenience to pay bills and bank transactions. But then, a cell phone can be a great tool for learning something completely new.

Set up cell phone-free time

Depression and anxiety are often associated with digital overload. So getting away from the digital world for a while is important. Take a nature walk, read a book, go for a bike ride – anything that will get you away from screens for a while.

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Turn off app notifications

Sometimes you’re already doing something useful and important with your phone, like learning a new language, but then an Instagram notification comes that a friend shared a reel with you, and your focus shifts.

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Good sleep

It is common for some people to pick up their phone before naps and check the day’s notifications. However, if this happens on a daily basis, it can lead to health problems such as insomnia.

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