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6 messages that scream 'ulterior motives' when you receive them on Instagram

6 messages that scream 'ulterior motives' when you receive them on Instagram

Hey He opposesor the famous “cantada”, which previously only occurred randomly and in face-to-face meetings, has moved to another level with the arrival of the Internet and social networks.

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of between it, Instagram It stands out as a platform where communication goes beyond simple photos and videos. In search of conquest and more intimate relationships, Messages With ulterior motives it has become a powerful ally, as well as a valuable skill, especially for shy and introverted people.

To help you in your search for a romantic partner, discover now the six best messages to use on Instagram and convey your intentions in a subtle way.

6 phrases that will help you break the ice with that special someone

1. “Hello, missing!”

Classic and straight to the point, this letter has the ability to awaken the recipient's curiosity and show interest without being intrusive.

2. “Our conversation here is great, but wouldn't it be better in person?”

Transitioning from virtual to in-person can be difficult, but this message provides an opportunity for a bearable, stress-free approach.

3. “I love talking to you, I don't even see time passing by…”

Expressing feelings can be scary, but this message conveys affection in a discreet way, without demanding an immediate response.

4. “I dreamed of you, I can't imagine any dream…”

By sparking curiosity, this message maintains interest and suggests a deeper emotional connection.

5. “How about we plan to watch a movie?”

Behind an innocent invitation, this message hides a possibility Romantic intentionsThis provides an opportunity to have intimate relations.

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6. “I'm home alone…”

With precision and responsibility, this message suggests a more intimate atmosphere, while respecting the boundaries and desires of both parties.

These messages, although simple, are full of hidden motives, illustrating that in communication, what is often not said explicitly is what reveals most about our goals.