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5 timeless fragrances that never go out of style

5 timeless fragrances that never go out of style

Over time, several Perfumes They have established themselves as classics, enchanting successive generations. Five fragrances, in particular, have gained an essential place in wardrobes and toiletries, transporting those who wear them to unique moments with just one spray.

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Whether floral, citrus or intense, these fragrances are distinguished by their versatility. Therefore, it can be used in any season of the year due to its balanced and elegant scents.

The perfumes on this list are usually passed down from generation to generation and never go out of style. See the characteristics of each of them.

The five fragrances that define life

1. Kenzo Flower from Kenzo

Image: Kenzo
  • Olfactory profile: Pink.
  • Featured Notes: Pink pepper, vanilla, white musk, black currant and violet Damask rose essence.
  • characteristics: A well-known classic fragrance, with a unique scent that combines delicacy and personality.

2. Chanel Chance or Tender

Image: Chanel
  • Olfactory file: Fruity floral.
  • Featured Notes: Several versions are represented in different colours: pink for tenderness, green (Chance Eau Fraiche) for energy and coral (Chance Eau Vive) for optimism.
  • characteristics: The Chanel version is delicate, enveloping and perfect for all seasons.

3. Generations Fragrances: Angel Mugler refill

Photo: Thierry Mugler
  • Olfactory profile: Eastern.
  • Featured Notes: Bergamot, praline and patchouli.
  • characteristics: One of Mugler's signature products, known for its “come and fill” concept, it delivers an intense and unforgettable fragrance.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum

Photo: Reveal / Yves Saint Laurent
  • Olfactory profile: A blend of mandarin, black currant, lavender, Madagascar vanilla and cedarwood.
  • characteristics: Associated with strength and strong women, this YSL fragrance stands out as a favorite fragrance for many occasions.
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5. Generational perfumes: Nuxe Prodigieux Florale Le Parfum

Nuxe Prodigieux Floral Le ParfumNuxe Prodigieux Floral Le Parfum
Credit: Disclosure/Knox
  • Olfactory profile: Fresh and floral.
  • Featured Notes: Grapefruit, magnolia and white musk.
  • characteristics: Inspired by Nuxe's ​​famous facial oil, this fragrance offers a unique and delicate experience.

Classics are always good choices

Regardless of style or preference, these fragrances have become true classics, transcending generations and establishing themselves as timeless choices.

In a world of constant change, these fragrances remain pillars of elegance and sophistication, ready to captivate and delight for a lifetime.