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5% remaining?  6 tips to make your Android phone's battery last longer

5% remaining? 6 tips to make your Android phone's battery last longer

Durability Cell phone battery It is something that is more within our control than we can imagine. Our smartphones, whether Android or iOS, come in different configurations that allow users to enjoy the devices more.

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Although this post is aimed at the Android audience, most of the tips are also valid for iPhone owners. Everything mentioned here can be modified directly in the cell phone settings.

1. Reduce screen brightness

When the battery of our mobile phones is low, they automatically reduce the screen brightness. If so! It turns out that keeping your screen on high brightness all the time can drain your battery. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust the brightness to a level that you feel comfortable seeing which also conserves your battery.

2. Update your cell phone's operating system

Modern mobile phones come with many updates to their operating systems. Therefore, they usually bring with them patches, bug fixes, and vulnerabilities. Some fixes can help you save battery power.

3. Activate dark mode

There's also a matter of taste at play here. In short, dark mode turns white to black and black to white on your phone. Thus, it reduces the white space on the screen requiring more energy and light. Information taken from Credo blog.

From the same point of view, many existing applications, such as X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and WhatsApp support dark mode.

4. Configure the time when your cell phone is active

Assuming your screen stays on even after some time without touching your cell phone, this habit ends up draining your battery. So, as interesting as it is to not have to enter your password to unlock, it might be interesting to prioritize the battery.

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5. Disable GPS

GPS is a feature that allows apps like Google Maps to know our location in real time. However, your GPS can also consume a lot of battery. Therefore, make sure to turn off GPS when you are not relying on applications that require this function.

6. Power saving mode

Finally, we have the power mode. In particular, it is a tool that helps you extend your cell phone's battery life by deactivating certain functions, features, or even applications, if you so choose.

To activate power mode, follow these steps:

  • Open your cell phone Settings, then tap Device & Battery Support;
  • Click Battery and Power Saver;
  • Enable the power saving button.

Finally, it is worth noting that the step-by-step process may vary depending on your cell phone manufacturer and model.