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Nostalgia or shame for someone else?  How to see your first comment on Instagram

Nostalgia or shame for someone else? How to see your first comment on Instagram

Especially those who have been on Instagram for a long time, they can hardly remember the first time they commented on a post. However, reviving this memory may be easier than it seems. Simply access a specific area in the app settings.

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This is the native function of the platform. In practice, its only function is to remember a user's path on the social network, from their first appearance to the present. All data is shown in chronological order.

How to save the first comment

As we said, this is a native Instagram function and hence, there is no need to install any different application on your cell phone. The only condition is that the social network must have an updated version. In other words, if you are using an earlier version, you will need to go to the application store on your cell phone (Google Play or Apple Store) and update Instagram.

Once done, simply follow the steps below step by step:

  • Access your profile, then tap the three bars at the top right;
  • Then select “Your Activity” and tap “Comments”;
  • The next step is to sort by “oldest to newest”.
  • Well, now you will have access to the first comment you wrote on Instagram, and it will appear at the top of the list.

Activity management

However, using the tool to view comments in chronological order is not the only way to check your activities on the platform. You can also see, for example, the first photo you liked on the social network, as well as everything you liked over the years.

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Likewise, it is also possible to view appointments made on your profile. All this information is available in the same “Memory Recovery” area.

There, it is also possible to remove interactions on the social network, that is, it is possible to untag other people's posts or even undo likes. In other words, you have complete control over how you use the social network.

Will you be surprised, positive or negative, when you find your first comment? Take the test!