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5 Fruits That Are So Weird That They’re Weird

5 Fruits That Are So Weird That They’re Weird

Unfortunately, not all fruits are affordable, and some can make lavish gifts. In Asia, you can gift a pineapple to a friend, which is usually rare. In this sense, whether for domestic consumption or for export, rare species have high prices. If you get a chance to try an exotic fruit, don’t miss it.

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These are the most expensive exotic fruits in the world

Pink pineapple glow

Have you ever seen a shepherd’s fruit of the World Cup? PinkGlow was in Qatar. Its popularity has also been achieved because celebrities like Kylie Jenner love pink pineapples. Colombia’s production is 100% oriented for export to countries in Europe and the United States. The value is about 39 USD, which is equivalent to 200 Brazilian reals.

watermelon box

This Japanese creation by farmer Tomoyuki Ono was an attempt at space optimization. Square watermelons can be stacked, making it easier to store. Although the flavor is less intense than the round version, the Japanese stuck with the idea and paid US$330 for the watermelon, roughly R$1,650.

Pineberry White Strawberry

The white strawberry is called Pineberry because it tastes like a pineapple and is full of vitamin C. Cultivated in the interior of Chile, the exotic fruit is the result of a genetic mutation. A tray of 12 strawberries can cost US$1,200, thus R$6,000.

Miyazaki belt sleeve

Miyazaki’s handle is a special mango grown by a few farmers in some prefectures of Japan. The fruits with an intensely sweet flavor and a very reddish skin need a specific climate, with sun and rain. Producers put mesh in the sleeves, which prevents them from wrinkling. Each one costs $4,408 USD, which is about R$25,000.

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Yubari watermelon

Yubari melon is also from Japan and is characterized by its sweet taste associated with mild spice. The fruit is so expensive that it usually sells at auctions for $44,000 USD. Looks like you have to be a millionaire to try the delicious Japanese watermelon.