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Imagem de: Elden Ring tem 30 segundos de gameplay vazado na internet

30 seconds of Elden Ring game has been leaked online

If you are looking forward to playing elden ring And you can’t wait to get in the game and check out some of its gameplay, maybe a little leaked gameplay will help quench some of your thirst?

Today (16) I fell online just under 30 seconds into the game playing on Xbox. Developer From Software is clearly getting stuff off the air pretty quickly, so stay tuned in your feed and don’t get scammed!


Originally, the leak was identified by Forum Resetera, which can be a good source for looking for new links. It is not possible to draw great conclusions from these images with very few movements of the hero, but it certainly seems that the open world is very wide and interesting, with many alternative ways and opportunities to find secrets.

The jump mechanic seems like a welcome addition, as there are several steep boulders on the mountain in this video. Without a doubt, fast service racers will love trying it out to find the fastest way to clear the scene. Newbies will likely appreciate having a compass at the top of the screen to help them navigate.

The video is also already widely circulating on Twitter, but there is no guarantee that it will be on the air for long. In any case, try searching for elden ring In the social network search field and you will find articles quickly too!

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Are you looking forward to the game’s release on January 21, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One? What do you think of this leak? Comment below!