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3 Illegal car accessories only result in a fine

3 Illegal car accessories only result in a fine

The Brazilian is passionate about car modifications of all kinds, from engine modifications to car modifications Installing accessories. However, as simple as putting something in a car may seem, it can compromise safety and lead to penalties.

A tow hitch is a good example of a component that drivers would love to add to their car, but which generally contravenes traffic legislation. This part cannot be installed in all models and does not protect the vehicle during a rear-end collision, contrary to popular belief.

Installing accessories that violate the rules is a serious offence, punishable by a fine of R$195.23, five points on the CNH (National Driver’s License) and retention of the vehicle for seizure. Penalties are the same as for cases of unauthorized changes to original properties, such as reduced suspension.

3 accessories prohibited in cars

If you do not want to risk a fine and also jeopardize the safety of many people, learn about some of the locked parts in cars.


To change the appearance without resorting to paint, many owners choose to wrap the car. However, this process requires the issuance of a new CRLV-e (Certificate of Registration and Licensing of Vehicle in a Digital Environment), stating the color change when the change exceeds 50% of the body area.


The trailer hitch, beloved by Brazilians, is installed for aesthetic reasons or because they believe it protects the rear of the vehicle in the event of collisions. However, it is only permitted on vehicles capable of towing trailers, and penalties may apply even if there is no trailer attached during the traffic inspection.

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Contra Resolution 937/2022 states that light hitched vehicles cannot exceed a PBT (gross gross weight) of 3,500 kg, including the weights of the vehicle, trailer, passengers and cargo.

Insolfilm 5G

In 2022, Contran published new rules for the use of films on vehicle windows. The material must have a transparency of at least 70% on the windshield and front side windows, as well as on the rear safety glass (louver) when the vehicle does not have an outside rearview mirror on the right side.

These standards eliminate the possibility of using Insulfilm G5, a film with a transparency of only 5%. In other glass areas that are not necessary for driving a car, there is no minimum light transmittance rate.