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This week the IRS will issue an advisory on the second batch of income tax refunds!

This week the IRS will issue an advisory on the second batch of income tax refunds!

Fiscal calendar 2024 It brings important news for Brazilian taxpayers, especially those affected by negative events. Second payment of recovery Income taxPayment is scheduled to be made on the day June 28promises to serve a greater number of return holders, including those who have chosen innovative methods such as pre-filled return and online pickup. pixel.

Previously, the first to receive a refund were, traditionally, seniors and teaching professionals. But this year, tax authority The order of priorities has been adjusted in response to the floods that have severely damaged the state Rio Grande do Sulputting taxpayers in Rio Grande do Sul at the front of the queue to receive the amounts owed.

How do you check if your name is on the second batch of refunds?

For taxpayers keen to check whether they are included in this payment,… tax authority The consultation will be made available up to one week before payment, i.e. from today June 21. This consultation can be done directly through the website of tax authoritythrough the specific refunds page, or through the mobile application, which also provides access to the declaration processing feed.

What happens if I miss my second income tax payment?

Rest assured, even if you have not received it Travel agency Of your 2024 income tax refund, there are still opportunities to get your money back!

Who has priority in receiving income tax refunds?

this year, tax authority The order of priorities had to be realigned. Due to the above mentioned floods in Rio Grande do Sul, state taxpayers are classified as priority. The sequence was thus determined as follows:

  • Elderly people over 60 years of age, people with disabilities and people with serious illnesses
  • Professionals whose highest income comes from teaching
  • Taxpayers in Rio Grande do Sul affected by floods
  • Taxpayers who used a pre-filled return and/or chose to receive via Pix
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What to do if there are outstanding issues or errors on your income tax return?

If, when consulting the processing statement in e-CAC“The taxpayer comes across the signal.”Waiting list for refund“This means that everything is going normally, but the payment is still waiting to be issued. However, the situation is”Mesh pendants” indicates errors or inconsistent information. In these cases, it is necessary to submit a corrective statement. This correction can be made by Ad generator software Or through the company’s mobile application tax authority.

Staying on top of deadlines and procedures is essential to ensure you receive your income tax refund without any setbacks. Moreover, using tools like pre-packaged advertising and payment option via pixel Receipt of this benefit can be accelerated. Pay attention to appointments and organize yourself to avoid delays and problems.