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2022 federal budget keeps the Brazilian flag in poverty – Jornal da USP

All of these values ​​may change until the final budget vote in Congress, scheduled for Friday (17) or, at the latest, Monday (20). the preliminary report Hugo Leal, project rapporteur at the Mixed Budget Committee, which was presented on December 5, is already proposing a series of cuts in these amounts, including a cut of 33.2 million R$ in the general budget of Kibes and a $60, 2 million R$ in the general budget of CNPq, including less than R$53 million scholarships. MCTI, in total, will lose R$126.7 million.

“We appeal to the common sense of members of Congress that the revocations (…) are not approved by the Mixed Budget Committee,” the SBPC wrote in note On December 6, it was signed by the head of the entity and professor at the University of the South Pacific, Renato Janin Ribeiro. All of these areas have suffered several cuts in recent years, putting the very survival of the Brazilian scientific system at risk. The 2022 budget forecast contains additions that are far from equalizing these losses. It is incomprehensible that these areas are not considered a priority by the National Congress, and put them on the list of cuts to meet specific seat demands.”

Ribeiro said the scenario is one of his “deep fears”. USP . magazine. “We fear that this year will repeat itself, as the money that was planned will end up not being released.”

Back to 2019

Parliament’s Science and Technology Initiative (ICTP.br), a federation that brings together sectoral entities in Brasilia, and puts pressure on deputies and senators so that the proposed values ​​for 2022 are at least equivalent to those included in the 2019 budget, adjusted for inflation. In this case, it would be necessary to increase the amounts stipulated in the current invoice by R$173 million for CNPq and R$1.72 billion for heads, according to the entity.

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The estimated budget proposed by the government for federal universities in 2022, calculated by the Association of Directors of Federal Institutions of Higher Education (Andeves), is R$5.13 billion, up just 14% from this year, which was already a tough year. The project rapporteur’s proposal in the Mixed Budget Committee is to cut R$298 million from this amount, and reduce the increase to 7%.

“With inflation in recent years, and considering going back to classes that will be fully completed next year, this budget proposal will make 2022 the most challenging year for federal universities in recent times,” he said. USP . magazine Professor Ricardo Marcelo Fonseca, Dean of the Federal University of Paraná and Vice-Chancellor of Andifes.

To return to the 2019 level, it will be necessary to increase this amount by 1.79 billion R$, according to Andifes. “This budget proposal is awful for federal universities. You can’t even breathe,” assesses Professor Soraya Smiley, former rector of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) and coordinator SOU_ScienceA center for studies focusing on public policies in the fields of science and higher education. She adds that the projected MCTI budget increases provide a “small break” for national science, but they in no way solve the situation.