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newspaper |  The college launches early childhood education in Jardim Campuri and improves secondary education

newspaper | The college launches early childhood education in Jardim Campuri and improves secondary education

Based on a tripod that contemplates faith, love and science, Salesiano announces innovations in education for the 2023 academic year

Colégio Salesiano is synonymous with reference and tradition in education in Espiritu Santo. (Sagliano/Disclosure)
Author - Colegio Salesiano

Posted Jan 25, 2023 at 2:14 pm

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An integrated human formation that appreciates welcome. Based on a tripod contemplating faith, love and science, the Colégios Salesianos formula, already approved in primary and secondary education, will also cover early childhood education in the unit in Jardim Camburi, in Vitória, a great novelty prepared for 2023.

The Executive Director of the Colégio Salesiano Jardim Camburi, Ilton de Oliveira Chaves, explains that the educational institution develops activities aimed at realizing the values ​​idealized by Dom Bosco, founder of the Salesian Congregation, and the skills defended in the National Common Curriculum Base (BNCC).


We devote a lot of care and attention to maintaining the foundation of Salesian education, which welcomes work with values. I am referring to Don Bosco’s precautionary system, which works with the tripod of reason, faith, and love. We take this to all sectors and all series.

Elton de Oliveira Chaves

Executive Director of the Colégio Salesiano Jardim Camburi


Educational activities will be offered in morning, afternoon and full day shifts for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Still according to the principal, the school implements kindergarten education with a welcome for young children and great care for spaces, in every detail. “We will have appropriate sites that will promote meaningful experiences. All this with its own premises reserved for this age group. Among other measures, the educational proposal is thinking of English from 2 to 5 years.”

Salesian College
Salesiano students have access to the most diverse sources of knowledge. (Salesiano College/Disclosure)

student as a hero

At the same time that it accelerates innovations in early childhood education, the institution is working to better prepare students in the first and second grades of the new high school to take a leadership role in the school community.

On the list of actions to be intensified is the development of skills and expertise in laboratories and practical classes related to training and higher education pathways – via UniSales, the Salesian institution of higher education.

In 2022, the units of the Colégio Salesiano Vitória, located in Jardim Camburi and Avenida Vitória, will implement the new secondary school.

The Pedagogical Superintendent of Secondary Education at Colégio Salesiano Nossa Senhora da Vitória, Georgia Caran, explains that students already choose areas of interest for training tracks in the first year of secondary education. New for this year is the partnership proposal between the schools and Centro Universitário Salesiano – UniSales.


Training tracks consist of curricular modules that allow students to choose one or more areas, according to their interests, to deepen and broaden their knowledge. The student chooses the itinerary.

Georgia Karan

Pedagogical Supervisor of the Secondary School of the Colégio Salesiano Nossa Senhora da Vitória


The Colégio Salesiano Nossa Senhora da Vitória offers two proposed routes:

  • An integrated course of mathematics, its techniques, natural sciences and technologies.
  • Integrated itinerary of languages, symbols, their technologies, and applied humanities and social sciences.

The “Economics, Sustainable Development, and Health” itinerary aims to deepen knowledge of the global environmental reality, and assess how environmental imbalance can cause impacts on the economy and on the health of individuals.

The training track “Language, Communication and Humanities” aims to contribute to reflection and intervention in problem situations affecting the most diverse social groups in which students are included.

In addition, it will encourage discussion on the principles and practices of the communication process involved in the social relations that have historically been produced to ensure access to the process of social inclusion, through the recognition of human, social, cultural and economic diversity.

For this year, the proposal is to work in partnership with Technology Courses. This partnership enables students on this itinerary to develop hands-on projects such as: computer programming, tinkering, creating an information bot, developing websites, thinking about applications and prototyping, etc,” Georgia details.

Salesian College
Colégio Salesiano da Avenida Vitória: A History of Commitment to Education. (Salesiano College/Disclosure)

The new secondary education was created by Law No. 13,415 of 2017, which amended the Education Guidelines and Foundations (LDB) Act and instituted a change in the structure of this stage of education. Among other changes, it increased the minimum time a student spent in school from 800 to 1,000 hours per year and defined new, more flexible curriculum organization that incorporated the National Common Curriculum (BNCC) base and offered different options for students, called internship pathways, with an emphasis on areas of knowledge Technical and vocational training.

“For 2023, we will intensify our partnership with UniSales, in addition to higher education experiences, in itineraries. We will promote an experience closer to higher education and even more professional. Thus, the student of Nossa Senhora da Vitória will be able to gain new experiences and arguments more assertive than for decision-making and problem-solving,” says Georgia Karan.

She points out that the goal is to make the topics worked on in high school related to university courses. In 2023, Colégio Salesiano Nossa Senhora da Vitória will offer four elective courses so that students can choose two, according to their needs and interests.

Colegio Salesiano Vittoria

Registrations open at salesianos.br/educacão. More information by phone (27) 3395-3000 (Jardim Campuri) or (27) 3331-8500 (Vitoria Street).

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