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100-year-old man enjoys Disney day with surprising excitement

100-year-old man enjoys Disney day with surprising excitement

A stranger approached a 100-year-old retired military man on the street and invited him to a fun day in Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Florida (USA), and the reaction of the man sparked many people on social media. influencer Isaiah Garza appears next to the man talking, dancing and laughing while visiting the park.

The old man, who had problems with mobility, used a treadmill while walking and the touching interrupt, making him an unusual and unexpected invitation to a place he had not visited in 50 years. The video of the experiment was circulated all over the world. “Sorry to bother you,” he says. Isaiah“But it was a really rough day. And I just wanted to know if you’d like to go to Disney with me today.”

The gentleman is surprised and asks, “Are you really going to take me?” So, they both enjoyed the amusement park and the local food. According to the content posted by the young man, they had a wonderful day together. The video, which was broadcast on September 27, has so far garnered more than 16 million views and nearly 3 million likes.

At the end of the video, she talks about how the day was for him. He becomes emotional and finds it difficult to talk about what he means today. He goes so far as to say:I thought My life is over, but I will remember that day in my heart.” And he ended crying: “You have no idea how important this is to me.”

Among the comments, many users also raised: “Awesome! What a memory You are!)And “I couldn’t love this video any more” were some of the reactions, American stars like singer Michael bubbleHe also expressed his support for the position. “It’s all amazing,” the actress wrote.

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Garza is a designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in Los Angeles, USA. Thanks to the artist Rihanna, who was photographed wearing one of his jewelry designs on the cover of a French magazine, he achieved great fame. His successful business has allowed him to spend some of his money and time making people’s days a little happier and sharing the effects of simple, kind and generous business on the media. social