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10 amazing life and business lessons from Abilio Diniz

10 amazing life and business lessons from Abilio Diniz

“When you're young, you have to do everything. You can't say: 'I just love the office.' [juventude]You can grate it for 20 hours a day and it will not break or bend. Now, let's not make this a lifestyle. The man who comes doesn't matter: “I'm doing my best, I don't see my kids and my wife, but it doesn't matter.”

6) Copy (and improve) good ideas

The businessman stated that he never invented anything, but he knew how to imitate good ideas and improve them. From an interview with Exame magazine in 2021:

“In my life, I've always been more of a copyist than an inventor. It's much easier. Are you going to do something new? Who does it better in the world today? Go out there, look, copy it right, and, if possible, improve for you.” . Today it is more difficult to imitate, because the speed is very high. Agility has always been very important, and today it is the name of the game: agility and concentration.”

7) Evaluate your mistakes

Evaluating mistakes is essential to always make progress. Deniz stated, in Interview with Folha in 2011Who was evaluating everything, including his mistakes, after the failure of the merger between Pau de Acucar and Carrefour.

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