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by wendysoucie on August 5, 2011

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I caught something...

It started as a bike ride to catch a biking buddy who, according to her husband, biked to Devils Lake for the day.  I thought, I am only 10 miles from Devils Lake, I can bicycle over there catch a swim, visit and then head home. I left around 8 am but the temperature was already at 80 degrees.  This would be the perfect day to ride-swim-ride. Or so I thought!

Ferry breezes

Generally, biking in West Point and the Scenic Lodi Valley is wonderful and we have tons of quiet roads.  Except for Hwy 113 north of Lodi.  I am a supporter of  getting a bike lane on the section of State Hwy 113 between Cty V in Okee and the Ferry Landing. I am always a little stressed while riding  the roller coaster road of 3 miles to the landing where there is more room for a bike. I think that perhaps getting a few signs up that say “Share the Road” would be a help for the summer. Otherwise, you can unstress by taking the Colsac III over to Merrimac.  I myself, like waving to the operator, and someday I will have to interview one to see what the job is like.   On a side note, did you know that there is a Facebook page for the Merrimac Ferry?

Marsh Road to Devils Lake

If you haven’t taken this side route to Devils Lake via the Ice Age Trail, bike or your car, you should. Marsh Road is a hidden gem and bordered by the Riverland Conservancy lands. As always there are a few good hills and on this day, plenty of wild flowers in the fields to enjoy. The road into Devils Lake south shore was delightfully cool, with spots of almost chilly moments as I got closer to the rock falls.  I love the ride in and out I could almost make a day of it!  You might note on the map I have included, that this in fact was the highest elevation of my ride for the day.


Devils Lake Southshore

The parking lot was delightfully empty when I arrived around 8:45 am. In fact, the friend I was searching for was no where to be found. Not wanting to swim by myself, I made a decision to ride to Prairie du Sac via the recently redone Hwy 78 which has a new wide shoulder that at this early hour I thought would be a good time to try it out. Thank you Merrimac and the DOT!

Prairie Du Sac Dam

Paddle fish alert sign at Prairie du Sac Hydro Plant

Paddle fish alert sign at Prairie du Sac Hydro Plant

Its been a while since I hit the visitor lot for the Hydro Dam in Prairie du Sac.  The last time I had been through the plant was at least 20 years ago, but I always remembered the view from the lot.  So I headed down there on, of course, Dam Road. A few young people were fishing, someone was napping in their car, and I had something to eat and drink in the shade listening to the water rumble out of the gates.

Finishing up

Riding down Hwy 78 I had a closer look around the new Culvers Headquarters building which is pretty attractive with the prairie landscaping. Then I made the turn across the bride at 60 to head home through the back road of West Point. I anticipated a shadeless last 15 miles, so took the opportunity to ride past the Lake Wisconsin Country Club for the last cool breezes before hitting 188 and J back towards Gibraltar.  I missed the chance to take a picture on Cty V near Gibraltar where you first see the Lake and the view down the throat of the Wisconsin River. Its always impressive, and of course, my phone would not cooperate for my picture needs at the time. Don’t worry, I will ride it again and post a good one.

What type of silent sport did you enjoy this week?

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