Pickle Issues Post-Election Statement

by Free Speech on April 14, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Having been a candidate for the Town of Lodi and being successful in that effort leaves one humble and thankful that we as Americans have a Democratic and free society.  I thank all candidates who offer to be a candidate for a political office.  It is no small feat on their part and is stressful to all involved.  You put yourself and your abilities on the line and ask others to support you.  When you win you feel blessed.  When you are not successful you feel rejected.  However, you do need to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that at least you put yourself on the line and not many people ever run for office.  I thank all of the voters, no matter which candidate that you supported.  You practiced a very American event, a free expression of opinion by voting.  Most nations in the world do not have this privilege.  Thank you all.

John H. Pickle Jr., Chair Town of Lodi Board

John H. Pickle Jr., Chair Town of Lodi Board

There are two points which I would like to correct. I have been accused of being a person who winters in Florida or Arizona or Texas.  I never have spent even one winter in the south since I have lived in Wisconsin.  I was raised in the south and I detest the brown southern winters.  If it is to be cold I want it to be white.  I love the Wisconsin winters and do not anticipate spending more that a few weeks in the south.  I love to use my snow shoes and they do not work well in the south.  I have, however spent three to five weeks in the south on our vacation, and no more.  This vacation practice will probably continue but never the entire winter.

The other point that has been misstated is that I propose to dig a canal or ditch to connect Sticky Bay and Okee Bay. I do not nor would I support such a solution.   First, that would provide a solution to the stagnant ponds in question.  Second, it would not be ecologically sound to do such a deed.  Third, this option would not be financially or socially acceptable.  In short, even though many ideas were bounced around there were no decisions to consider a ditch or canal as a viable option.  Prior to any action I would suggest that significant studies be accomplished by qualified personnel and allow those specialists to provide possible options to address the concerns of stagnant water and deterioration of the wetland area near the isthmus on Summerville Road.   The suggestion that signs be erected to prohibit the dumping of leaves, grass clippings and other waste in these pools is a viable option that can and should be considered.

John H. Pickle, Jr.

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