Joutras responds to Morgan’s Citizen of the Year Choice

by Free Speech on January 4, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Perhaps some background on the Citizen of the Year Award would be enlightening.

This is the history of the Citizen of the Year Event:

The first award was presented by the Chamber in 1970 to Dr. T.O. Goeres on his 89th birthday. It was declared “Doc Goeres Day” and about 300 people attended the event. It was such a success that the Chamber established a committee to keep the ball rolling and choose the next honoree. In 1987 it was decided that a more formal nomination process should be established and it was agreed at that time that the selection committee should be comprised of past honorees and nominations would be solicited from the community. Nominees are to be upstanding citizens who have made a positive impact on the Lodi community through their actions. These actions should be over a span of time and should be voluntary in nature.

Please note that the honoree is chosen by the past recipients of the award ONLY. The Chamber strictly facilitates the process and coordinates the actual event, but it is NOT a fundraiser and they DO NOT have any input in choosing the recipient. Nominations are open to the public for a month or so before they are presented to the past recipients for review and a vote. The past recipients also vote for a “runner up” in the event that the first choice declines the award. The award is not a job review, it is not based on paid performance, and it is not a political statement. It is based on volunteer work within the community.

Curt Hossman is deserving of recognition for the amount of volunteer work he has done and continues to do within our Lodi community and beyond.

Respectfully Submitted,

Peggy Joutras
Co-Chairman: odi citizen of the Year committee
Lodi Chamber of Commerce

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