A Market A Musing

by Gail Lamberty on May 20, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Gail Lamberty, Market Manager for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market in Lodi, WI

Gail Lamberty, Market Manager for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market in Lodi, WI

A market, A musing, A MAZING!! We had a really fabulous market last Friday with 24 vendors on deck. Lots of activity, lots of plants, lots of fun, lots of crafts, lots of early veggies.

In the best of all worlds the steady “old” blends with the exciting “new”. That’s just what happened last Friday. Some of our vendors who have been there for all 10 years of the market, came back with their regular staples. Excellent plants were tenderly treated earlier this spring so they could be healthy for your garden now. Parsnips and popcorn are regular early spring treats just waiting for a new home. Plants abounded for all. We had the delight of the “steady old”.

Then we were happily surprised with the exciting “new” to have Phil and Pam bring fabulous eggs–organic, free range, chemical free. Another new vendor, Heidi, came with cheese made by her family. We welcomed them both with open arms.

In addition to the product and produce at the market, among the best things you’ll find is outstanding conversation. Those chats cover a wide range of topics with food often being a prime topic. Our new cheese vendor Heidi told us that the family cheese had been highlighted in an article in the Washington Post with a souffle recipe. Check this out: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/all-we-can-eat/say-cheese/say-cheese-big-eds.html

Because I was having friends for brunch on Sunday, I had the key ingredients for a Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market experiment. I bought the eggs, I bought the cheese, I followed the link and I did the work.

The result: bliss on a plate as testified to by my guests. The souffle was outstanding! The eggs gave wonderful tasty lightness while the cheese provided the depth of flavor. And I got it all on Friday afternoon at the market. Now it’s your turn to create a LVFM dish. I’m sure you can match me and probably even do better. Let me know.

See you at the market park on Friday 2-6.

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