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You can now create your own stickers using WhatsApp AI

You can now create your own stickers using WhatsApp AI

In a world where communications are filled with emojis,… WhatsAppin its constant search for innovation, has launched a revolutionary tool that promises to change your conversations in the best possible way.

Now you can Create your own labels with the help of Meta's AI.

Although this functionality is not yet available to all Android users, the fun has already begun on iOS!

How to create stickers using AI on WhatsApp?

The official announcement, which WhatsApp made on October 26, 2023, got many people excited about the promise of a new way to interact in chats.

The tool, which was initially launched in limited quantities, uses artificial intelligence from… Goal To turn simple descriptions into amazing posters.

Step by step to use the new tool

Simple step by step and you will learn it immediately. paying off! – Photo: WABetaInfo/Reproduction

    1. Open WhatsApp

    When you open WhatsApp, choose any chat to start the creation process.

    2. Click on the emoji icon

      In the selected conversation, tap com. emojisAs if you are about to enrich your messages with these little icons.

        3. Access the Stickers tab

        Open the stickers tab, the enchanted kingdom where your creations will come to life.

          4. Click on the Create button

          Here's the secret! If you're one of the lucky ones who has access to the job, you'll see a “Create Available” button.

          Click on it to start the creation process.

            5. Describe the image you want to create

            Unleash your imagination! Describe in a few words what you want to see on your poster.

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            Remember: the result tends to be more surprising if you venture to learn commands in English.

            Examples posted inTwitter) by WhatsApp team included unusual characters, such as an astronaut riding a horse.

            Although the function has not yet reached all users, the lucky ones who already have access to this innovation unleash their creativity and bring exclusive images to life with their personal touch.