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Worst coach since Jorge Jesus

Flamengo beat Vasco 3 to 1, and qualified for the final of the Carioca Championship. Now, Rubro-Negro will face Fluminense, repeating the decision of the last three editions.

In the end of storyprogram it UOL Sports After the match, columnist Renato Mauricio Prado said that the win was misguided, and that Flamengo depended entirely on the quality of their players.

“I ended up getting worried, because the 3-1 score is completely misleading. Flamengo put in a fearsome show. They won, as has happened recently, the individual bids for players.”

Commentator Vitor Pereira also criticized the coach, who arrived at the club this year after the team won the Libertadores and the Brazilian Cup under the leadership of Dorival Junior. Vitor Pereira is so lost that he sent Everton Ribeiro, Vidal and Varela and they turned around and asked ‘Who’s place? “They didn’t know, and Vitor Pereira didn’t. He almost did ‘Uni Duni Tê’. The worst Flamengo coach since Jorge Jesus did it. He beats Dominic Torrent and Paulo Souza scores,” said Renato.

The Royal Military Police Felipe Luis suggests Vitor Pereira’s place at Flamengo

Renato Mauricio Prado has praised the left-back and said he would be the perfect name for Flamengo until Jorge Jesus can take over the team again.

“He is a player who is highly respected by the team. Philip Luis is a man who can be assumed, and others will respect him. He told me that he has recorded all of Jorge Jesus’ training. He is a man who cares to see what the man does, he is not that player who just does what the coach says. He tries to understand Why the coach does it, and how that works for the whole team. He’s very smart.”

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“Fluminense is the favorite in the final,” says the RMP of Carioca’s decision.

Flamengo and Fluminense will advance to the final of the Carioca tournament for the fourth year in a row, and columnist Renato Mauricio Prado said Tricolor is the favourite.

“Fluminense is a ready team. Fernando Diniz will be a year old in April. He has defined this team since last year and has been improving and producing more. Of course he can lose, but he goes into the final as the favourite”.

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