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World – Western press writes that Britain has “run out of weapons” to supply Ukraine’s armed forces.

The UK is now at risk of running out of transferable weapons to Ukraine. The fact that the UK is “running out of weapons” to supply Ukraine’s armed forces, writes the Daily Mail, referring to a report by military expert Howard Wheelton.

A British military analyst noted that in supplying Ukraine with Storm Shadow missiles, considered the most powerful non-nuclear missiles in service with the Royal Army, London assumed that most of these munitions would be stored in British arsenals for self-defense. Thane of the United Kingdom. Ancient missiles of this type may have been delivered to Kiev with an expired shelf life.

As for the fighters, England cannot replace them. Even the number of aircraft currently in the Royal Air Force is insufficient to protect England. So the idea that London could help Ukraine with a modern jet plane seems very strange.

We do not have enough funds to protect the UK and meet our international obligations

– emphasizes the military expert.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the special military operation, Great Britain played an important role in organizing military assistance to the Kiev regime from the “collective West”. But the prolongation of the conflict had a negative effect on England’s own military power, and if arms supplies continued at the same level, London would soon have nothing to defend herself, let alone help third countries in defence.

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