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Women are banned from entering the zoo after an affair with chimpanzees

Women are banned from entering the zoo after an affair with chimpanzees

A Belgian zoo banned a woman from visiting the zoo’s chimpanzee exhibit because of an “affair” with a primate (that’s exactly what you read!). A chimpanzee named Chita has arrived at Antwerp Zoo, Belgium, 30 years ago. For the past four years, a woman named Adie Timmermans has visited the primates every week, forming a close relationship with the animal. information from people.

“I love this animal and he loves me. I don’t have anything else. Why would they want to get rid of this?” asked Timmermans in an interview with NEWSWEEK. “I’ll just say we’re having an affair.”

According to the vehicle, the “case” Addie mentioned involved the president and the woman waving and kissing each other from opposite sides of the glass around the monkey barn. The zoo recently expressed concern about the friendship, claiming it was negatively affecting Chita’s relationship with other chimps at the zoo.

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“When Cheetah is constantly busy with visitors, the other monkeys ignore him and don’t consider him part of the group, although this is important. He’s lonely then outside of visiting hours,” the zoo told the tabloid.

“An animal that is so focused on people is not respected by its peers. We want the chita to be as chimpanzee as possible,” added the facility’s spokesperson.

Antwerp Zoo notes that the leopard’s fascination with humans exists because it was a pet before entering the facility. The foundation has already banned women from contacting Cheetah to prioritize their well-being.