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With other plans, Russia and China ignore the UN General Assembly

With other plans, Russia and China ignore the UN General Assembly

As the United Nations General Assembly convenes in New York, the presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and China, Xi Jinping, are pursuing their own agendas. The two leaders are scheduled to meet again in October.

Putin headed to China, and is scheduled to make his first trip abroad yet International Criminal Court An arrest warrant was issued for him. This visit strengthens the strategic partnership between the two countries, which has become increasingly closer.


The alliance between Russia and China has been strengthened mainly in the economic and military spheres. Both are interested in challenging American hegemony, as well as sharing a similar worldview.

Challenges of the global system

Although the United States has traditionally been the main global actor, the rise of these powers calls into question North American superiority. Through their partnership, Putin and Xi have worked to redefine the rules of the international game.

Joint actions between Russia and China have a direct impact on the global stage. An example of this is the position of these countries regarding… United nations.

Each of them ignored the decisions and recommendations of the international body, seeking to advance his own agenda. This creates tensions and uncertainty about the effectiveness of the United Nations in resolving conflicts and maintaining “world peace.”

United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States | Photo: Manuel Elias/United Nations

China’s role on the global stage

China, in particular, has emerged as a global power. With its rapid economic growth and investments in infrastructure around the world, The country expanded its influence And negotiating power.

Moreover, the Asian country has sought to lead international initiatives, such as the project belt and road, Which aims to strengthen trade ties between Asia, Africa and Europe.

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Putin’s vision for Russia

On the other hand, Putin has a clear vision for Russia. Its goal is to restore the country’s greatness and strengthen its geopolitical influence. To this end, Putin has used strategies such as invading Ukraine and supporting authoritarian regimes around the world.

Partnership with China is essential to achieving these goals Challenging the US-led global order. Despite the joint actions taken by Putin and Xi and the challenge they pose to the global order, there are challenges that may make it difficult to advance their agenda.

One of them is international pressure, especially from Western countries, which seek to contain the influence of these forces. There are also internal issues that can affect the stability of these countries, such as pressure for political and economic reforms.