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With Luxembourg, Cruzeiro is ranked as the deputy leader in the series with

Although far from ideal, Cruzeiro de Luxembourgo proves, in every match, that he is more competitive than the seasoned coach’s former arrival.

The numbers prove it: under his leadership, Fox scored 59.9% of the contested points. In grade B, the percentage is only lower than that of leader Curitiba (62.1%), who was crushed by Fox 3-0 on Friday.

So far, there have been 14 Cruzeiro matches with Vanderley Luxembourgo on the bench. The miners won six, drew seven and lost only one – to CSA Mozart, the former coach of the club, in the 26th round of the national competition.

However, the terrible numbers recorded with Felipe Concio and Mozart prevent fans from dreaming of arrival. In the first 15 rounds, Cruzeiro scored only 14 points out of 45 possible chances – 31.1% success.

“We are still far from (reaching Class A). We are enjoying this victory, but we have to know that we are behind in percentage (to fight for access). Our percentage is up to a good level, but there is something behind it” We have to recover. Today’s decision, we have another decision on Tuesday, and then there is another decision, another, it’s just decisive games,” Luxembourgo analyzed.

In the next round, Cruzeiro measures forces with Vice Chief Botafogo. The match between the national champions will take place at 9:30pm on Tuesday at Independence Stadium.

Cruzeiro matches with Luxembourg

Brusk (out) – victory

win (home) – draw

Sampaio Run (home) – equalizer

Nautico (immediately) – Vitria

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Trust (home) – victory

CRB (outside) – tie

Goals (outside) – draw

Ponte Prieta (home) – victory

Worker (household) – tie

Vasco (outdoor) – tie

CSA (home) – defeat

Guarani (outside) – tie

Brazil – RS (home) – victory

Curitiba (A) – victory

Cruz matches without Luxembourg

Confidence (Exit) – Defeat

CRB (home) – loss

Goals (at home) – Draw

Ponte Prieta (Overseas) – Victory

Agent (outside) – defeat

Basque Country (house) – Vitria

CSA (out) – defeat

Guarani (home) – tie

Brazil (outside) – draw

Curitiba (home) – tie

Botafogo (outdoor) – tie

Ava (home) – defeat

Rowing (exit) – tie

Villa Nova (outside) – tie

Londrina (home) – tie