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With Electric Pikachu, Fortaleza beats Atlético-MG of Hulk and surprises in MG - 05/30/2021

With Electric Pikachu, Fortaleza beats Atlético-MG of Hulk and surprises in MG – 05/30/2021

The debut of Atlético MG In the Brazilian championship, it wasn’t the way the fans expected. While playing at home, Galo was unable to start the competition by victory and immediately faltered, as Fortaleza blocked the plans and the match ended in a 2–1 draw for the Ceará people. The goals were scored by players carrying the names of cartoon characters and Movies: Hulk and Pikachu twice.

The Galo e Leão match was two different games, with the best miners in the first stage and the players of Ceará in the second stage, when they managed to bypass the scoreboard.

Now Gallo turns his attention to his Brazilian Cup debut. The Fengro team, which entered the third stage directly, will face Remo, next Wednesday (2), at 19 o’clock, at the stadium. BainauIn Belém, for the Brazilian national team, the black and white team will enter the stadium on June 6, in Ilha de Retiro, against Sport Recife, at 8:30 pm.

Classic Fortaleza faces Ceará in the third phase of the Copa do Brasil, also in fourth, at 19.

the game

The match started well and quickly disputed, with the two teams, Atlético MG and Fortaleza, playing intensively even in the heat by match time. Gallo had more size and better chances in the first half. Despite this, the Leo, well positioned on the field and tactically organized, hampered the opponent’s offensive actions.

With a well-thought-out game and solid scoring in the first stage, it even came in a penalty kick that was perfectly shot by Fortaleza. Hulk was sent off by Tite inside the area and referee Caio Max hit the penalty spot, immediately surrounding two players from the Northeastern team. Hulk himself went and opened the recording: 1 to 0.

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In the second half, it was a different story. Atlético-MG has returned very badly, giving a lot of spaces to Fortaleza, who are starting to attack more, to occupy the offensive field. After two attempts, Ciara’s team finally tied. The first attempt was void due to Robson’s handicap. In the second, Pikachu didn’t care and drew: 1 to 1.

And there was still a coup of mercy. Pikachu was the protagonist of the game and set the game with the goal in the end: 2 to 1.

Who did well: Pikachu

Pikachu was electric in the second half and tied with Fortaleza. The entry of the player also named after the cartoon character changed the way he played the Lion of Ceará, who became more steadfast and turned the game around.

Who was wrong: Maronite

Helped to return the score in the first half, and tried to appear alone, the offensive field, and faced some difficulty. In the second half he disappeared, was isolated, and his game did not appear.

Tardelli Farewell

Diego Tardelli’s contract expires tomorrow (31) and will not be renewed by the current board of directors of Atlético-MG, who had previously thanked the athlete for all the services provided to the club. The player received a salute and his teammates printed the name of Shirt 9 on the shirts for their game against Fortaleza. Tardelli also received gifts from the Atlética presidency and ex-goalkeeper Victor, who is now a club manager football The rooster.

Game chronology

In the 39th minute of the first half, Hulk opened the scoring with a penalty kick. The striker collided with the right side of the goalkeeper who fell displaced to the left: 1 to 0.

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Not worth! In the 11th minute, Robson took advantage of Iverson’s bounce, failing in time in defense, and blew Gallo nets. However, the Fortaleza player was in an offside position, which nullified the move.

In the 14th minute of the second half, Fortaleza equalized. Pikachu received the ball with space to play and entered the area. It ended in force and Iverson failed to get to: 1 to 1.

Bacacho converted the match in the 48th minute of the second half and secured Fortaleza’s victory: 2 to 1.

data sheet

ATLÉTICO-MG 1 X 2 Fortaleza

reason: The first round of the Brazilian championship
Sweetened: Minirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte (MG)
date and time: May 30, 2021 11 AM (Brasilia Time)
Rule: Cayo Max Augusto Fiera (RN)
Helpers: Jean Marcio dos Santos (RN) and L’Orival Candido das Flores (RN)
Where: Heber Roberto Lopez
Goal: Hulk (39 min 1ºT); Pikachu (14 ‘e 48 do 2ºT)
yellow card: Felipe Alves, Wellington Paulista, Lucas Crespem, Ederson (for); Igor Rapello, Alan (cam)
Red Card: he was not there

Atletico MG: Everson. Goga (Hyoran), Junior Alonso, Igor Rabelo and Gilherme Arana; Alan (Zaracho), Chi Chi, and Nacho Fernandez (Nathan); Savarino (Sávio), Marrony (Vargas), and Hulk. Coach: Coca

Undergo to – Philip Alves; Tenga, Benevinotto, Titi and Daniel Geddes (Pikachu); Ederson and Felipe (Matthews Gossa), Lucas Crespim (Bruno Melo) and Matthew Vargas; Robson (David), Wellington Paulista (Romarinho). Coach: Juan Vojvoda