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With Bruno gone, who can stop Fernando?  · the news

With Bruno gone, who can stop Fernando? · the news

Actor and clown Bruno Cardoso was eliminated this week from A Grande Conquista 2 after receiving 23.96% of the audience vote in the sixth danger zone of the reality show. Now, 14 participants are still competing for the R$1 million prize. But do any of them have the power to steal Fernando Sampaio’s favor? poll the the news It indicates that an actor hated in the palace has become a favorite with the public.

Fernando rose to popularity after proving to be one of the greatest stallholders in the confinement. Since Record’s audience loves an intense mood, the actor currently represents 26.42% of the more than 30,000 votes cast as of this text’s publication.

Joao Haddad, the favorite in the Villa phase, appears in second place and has closed the gap on the leaders – receiving 23.21% of popular preference. Influencer Ciel Hayashi closes the platform with 12.53%.

The woman most likely to win the award is Jenny Grohalski, who ranks fourth with 11.88% of the votes. She had a wide advantage over comedian Will Rambo, who ranked fifth, with 5.63%.

Then the abyss widens: followed by actor Brenno Pavarini (3.45%), businesswoman Anahi Rodrigue (3.00%), advisor Caio Perrone (2.10%), radio presenter Gueba (1.98%), and former peacekeepers. Lizian Gutierrez (1.03%).

Even with fewer conquerors, four participants did not receive 1% of the vote: singer Tati Pink (0.67%), model Lucas de Albo (0.63%), and military police officer Felipe Villas (0.47%). Japanese teacher Hideo Matsunaga (0.19%). They are at serious risk of being eliminated.

Who is your favorite on reality? vote!

poll the the news It is not scientific in nature and does not directly affect the official score scored by R7, but it does depict an inclination on the part of viewers of A Grande Conquista.

Who has already left The Great Conquest 2?

Since the start of the Manço phase of the reality show Record on May 9, businesswoman Claudia Baronessa, singer MC Marie, singer Vinigram, model Edline Barboza, former Paquita Catia Paganotti, and now actor and clown Bruno Cardoso.

The six – plus the fourteen conquerors who remained in custody – had to overcome 80 other people in the villa’s troubles to secure their places in the palace.

Now, the situation has become a bit more comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they can rest assured, as every danger zone could signal the end of their journey. Katia Paganotti says that, as she was considered the favorite to continue the match in the hot seat against Fernando Sampaio and Joao Haddad.