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Windows 11 starts releasing updates this Tuesday;  Find out what’s new and how to update  technology

Windows 11 starts releasing updates this Tuesday; Find out what’s new and how to update technology

Microsoft Copilot is a type of ChatGPT that interacts with Windows 11 software – Image: Disclosure/Microsoft

Microsoft begins releasing an update for Windows 11 on Tuesday (26), and the system now contains Copilot, a type of integrated ChatGPT that understands text and voice commands to perform actions in different programs.

The new feature pack includes a feature that helps create images in Paint and an option to convert what is written in the printout into text that can be shared elsewhere. The features are part of an update in Microsoft System 22H2.

Check out the major changes in Windows 11 below.

  • 🤖 Co-pilot: The Assistant can be used to create text summaries, edit images, activate system resources, and ask for music suggestions, among other things;
  • 🎨 Paint: It gained Cocreator, which creates images from text descriptions, and features for removing image backgrounds and managing layered files, as in Photoshop;
  • 🖼️ Pictures: Image Manager has gained image background blur and file search by image content;
  • 🎬 Clip Champ: The Clip Editor now has an AI feature that suggests scenes, adjustments, and style based on available photos and videos;
  • 🖥️ Screenshot: It has become possible to extract text content from the image, as well as hide private information that could appear in the printout;
  • 📄 Notepad: It started automatically saving files you created and keeping tabs that were open the last time they were used;
  • 🔎 Bing: You’ve got support for the DALL-E 3 drawing bot and are also able to provide answers based on your history – for example, if you ask the search engine to plan a trip, it will be able to suggest the dates your team plays in Destiny City.
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Microsoft also stated that images generated by Bing will contain some kind of invisible watermark with date and time information to indicate that they were created with the help of artificial intelligence.

How to update Windows 11

To receive the news, you need to check if the update is already available to you. To do this, search for “Windows Update” in the search box on the taskbar. Then click “Check for updatesIf possible, continue installing the new version.

Windows 11 should receive a new update in early November, which will include Copilot in the Microsoft 365 suite, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

The feature will be able to analyze files, emails, conversations, etc., to help you create documents from scratch, plan business trips, and clear your inbox faster, for example.

Paint has started using AI to remove an image’s background and create graphics from scratch — Image: Disclosure/Microsoft

Prints in Windows 11 can protect private information with one click – Image: Disclosure/Microsoft

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